Australia’s National Emissions on a Rise

National Emissions
National Emissions

Despite claims from the present government, Australia’s role and involvement in actually permeating effort to effect climate chain, is coming under question.  The Morrison Government had taken the onus to mitigate climate change through, “sensible, responsible action”. This however, is working in opposition with efforts taken and what the latest emission figures unveiled by a new report evidently tell.

As per the report published by the environment department of Australia, national emissions have multiplied by 3.1 m tons in the year to March, reaching 538 tons creased by a 0.6% from last year. On the brighter side, electricity generating emissions have fallen but they are well compensated by further and deepening damage, with emissions from the liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry, mostly in northern Western Australia.

Australia’s carbon footprint has been greatly jousted globally, with the most recent hiccup from the Pacific Island Regions, calling the country out on it coal mining and overseas contribution. However, the government continues to stick to a defensive mode, stating that barring LNG exports, the country has witnessed a steep decline in its overall emissions. The emissions reduction minister, Angus Taylor, said emissions fell by 0.4% in the March quarter compared with the previous quarter.

Not everyone agrees with the government and conflicting figures are arising. Greens climate change spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said Australia was “on a collision course with climate disaster”. “When excluding unreliable land use data, it is the highest twelve months of pollution in Australia’s history,” he said.