Australia’s National Broadband Service Connects 10 million Homes and Counting…

National Broadband Service
National Broadband Service

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBNCo), has surpassed 10 million homes, that will now be able to connect to the national network. The government owned network was announced with a promise for sophisticated broadband infrastructure.

The NBNCo, is the federal government’s assurance to the users. At the time of its prelude, the installation was said be built with the most au currant technology and a near universal fiber to the building. The developments are now built on copper-based technologies.

The network build is to be completed within a year, and there are another 1.6 million more homes to have their infrastructure embedded with the NBNCo service. Though 10 million properties are ready to connect, so far only 5.5 million homes have really adopted and are using it. The NBNCo are far behind their target in numbers and area coverage according to a recent report. With the given figures, the national network will need to ensure that another 2 million customers connect in the forthcoming year. Its progress when glimpsed at the gone year, has been relatively slow. The network had been able to only get 1.5 million on board last year.

On the National Broadband Network’s side is an eighteen-month window from ‘ready for service’ after which existing fixed-line services are decommissioned. At that point, customers who wish to retain their internet connections either need to take up a National Broadband Network plan or connect through an alternative means such as alternative carrier options e.g. TPG in fiber-enabled buildings or 4G.