Australia’s leadership in the APAC medical cannabis market

medical cannabis
medical cannabis

Australia has always played a big role in health science. There is no doubt that the country is doing very well in leading the whole Asia Pacific region in several health departments.

Australia is known as the region’s gold standard of pharmaceutical manufacturing and was the first country in Asia Pacific region with a medicinal cannabis framework and a regimented application process which ensures that all companies are duly licensed.

Australia became the first country in the Asia Pacific to launch a country-wide medicinal cannabis framework in 2016 when the country legalized the production and sale of cannabis for medical use and related research for the treatment of various diseases.

The development of the industry is due to the creation of this regulatory regime. Physicians can apply to prescribe medicinal cannabis under the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Special Access Scheme Category or via Authorized Prescriber status for an unapproved therapeutic drug.