Australia’s IT: Bridging the Skill Gap

Australia IT sector

Australia IT sector has been found wanting. While the demand for more professionals in the field is increasing with rapidly changing technology, an acute gap in applicable skills has crippled the domestic employment opportunities of Australians and longevity for already employed workforce.

A recent survey shows, there is a serious skills shortage in the IT industry which can be bridged by coordinating and upgrading multiple fields and methods. According to a report’s forecast Australia will need 200,000 technology workers by 2023 to lead the Global ICT industry. To achieve this, some strategies and plans need to be put in place, with collaborations and smooth flow of knowledge from academia to industry and industry to academia.

The report highlighted the role of educational institutes and universities in providing industry ready professionals. As technology is remolding our work and mind spaces, education and new learning techniques play a crucial part in closing the gap. Australian CIOs listed down the ways this scarcity can be tackled.

Promoting IT as a sought-after field for the new generation, is another possible solution. Asia so far had continuous monopoly over IT jobs. Along with this, initiating working partnerships with new and emerging businesses and their direct involvement with millennials will work in the favor of the industry. For the existing workforce, skill enhancement through in house training can be introduced.

The top five functional areas identified within IT where it is most difficult to find skilled job candidates include IT security (53 per cent), IT management (40 per cent), technical support and operations (20 per cent), software/application development (19 per cent) and data/database management (17 per cent).

Ideas that lead to innovation drives the progress of any country. Australia stands at a critical juncture, its skilled workforce can be rechanneled to catapult the country’s progress.