Australia’s digital transformation agenda to add holistic milestones

digital transformation
digital transformation

When we study about the progress of a country in digital transformation, Australia has been a little slow to lunge into digital projects in whole ASIA PACIFIC REGION. However, the country is making good progress.

The Australian government has its own ‘Digital Transformation Strategy along with a Roadmap with about 100 key projects and milestones across government services, aimed to deliver world-class digital services to the public.

Recently, Government Services Minister Strut Robert said that the past 12 months have been very rewarding, with the successful roll-out of digital services from 73 of the 100-odd projects initially tabled by the government.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to make all (public) services easily accessible and available digitally by 2025.

When Robert revelled progress on several fronts some experts like the University of Sydney Business School Professor and Chair in Management and Decision Sciences Ben Fahimnia suggest that more coordination and collaboration is required.