Australian video game development industry ‘broken’, insiders say

video game development industry
video game development industry

Playing video games in Australia is like a routine activity of almost every Australian. You will not be shocked to know that two-third of Australians are gamers.


One more fact come across the studies that the Australian video game industry is poorly performing as compared to the other countries in Asia and contributing less in the economy of the country.


Australian universities run several courses related to the development of video game industry. A survey reveals that about five thousand students enrol every year for these courses.


More than a decade ago during the global financial crises when major game design studios and production studios pulled out of Australia.


It was a bit challenging when the first half of the studios lifetime was in mobile phones and then people working in the industry realized that the must need exploration is mandatory and they explored to bigger games and that’s how we’ve ended up now in the PC console space.”

Bringing on a few contractors, the studio has released a game that’s available on major consoles.