Australian Universities Adopt the Precinct Model for STEM Based Learning

If there was ever a time to boost STEM based learning worldwide, it is now! Science- Technology- Engineering- Mathematics, the STEM fields have seen an exponential rise in participation and growth over the last few decades. It has been more than 150 years since Australia witnessed the establishment of its first ever Engineering Institute in 1861.  There has been no looking back for the Country’s STEM advancement and research, says a detailed study on Australian higher education.

Engineering itself has seen many facelifts in the changing educational milieu of Australia. Beginning with strict opposition from practicing engineers, who felt academic education is redundant to basing the entire country’s engineering learning model on industry expertise and practical exposure. Engineering has come a long way.

There is a global need for industry ready professionals and Engineers are no different. On the contrary, engineering studies are seeped into a mandatory interaction with the working industries. To enhance learning and ensure swooping opportunities, Australian Universities are adopting the “precinct model”. The model places students in close interaction with their industry, physically. Students co locate with the industry bridging the proverbial and literal gap between industry and academia. This co location with corporate giants and start- ups are giving rise to a new climate in the country. Establishing of collaborative labs and learning centers.

Melbourne, especially is a receptacle of the meteoric boom in collaborations and associations.  The education has also becoming AI centric, recognizing its expanding scope. The future of job seekers and technology-based entrepreneurial environments will be shaped by AI. Here engineers will need to work with AI, capable of contextual understanding and solutions rather than work using them.