Australian techie swipes more than three billion images from Facebook and Instagram to create a new facial recognition app

facial recognition application
facial recognition application

An Australian computer master has invented a facial recognition application which is being used by the police in the US to identify and track down suspects.

The person named Toan Ton-That, 31, was brought up in Australia with his family. Then he moved to the US aged 19 and later co-founded Clearview AI.

The technology which is developed is used by hundreds of US law enforcement agencies including the FBI, according to a leading newspaper in USA.

When police upload a picture of a person the app shows dozens of public photos – from its database of three billion – that supposedly match.

The app refers Instagram and Facebook. The technology is not always accurate. It provides a match to the uploaded image 75 per cent of the time, but it is not recognized how often the match is correct.

Activists have mentioned that facial recognition is more likely to give false matches for people of color and can possibly accuse an innocent person in a case.

The Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner has also called for use of the technology to be stopped until new laws can be presented to better guard people.