Australian prawn ‘citizenship checks’

Australian prawn
Australian prawn

Aussies love tossing a shrimp on the barbie but till now there’s been no sure method for customers to assure them the true-blue origin of their prawns. The Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries has achieved knowledge which scans the shellfish and uses trace metal profiling to tell if they are from inland waters.

The prawn origin tool is the world’s first in the seafood industry and can classify and authenticate the source of Australian prawns. Queensland has a large number of prawn farms which is useful for its economy.

Australia’s prawn business harvests around 21,000 tonnes of Australian prawns from the sea annually and about 5000 tonnes from prawn farmhouses. Council chairwoman Annie Jarrett said being able to classify wherever seafood is obtained is a progressively significant aspect.

Australia prawn industry wants to be able to scientifically verify the provenance of Australian prawns at any point in the supply chain globally,” she said. The tool uses prawn flesh to run a chemical match with metals characteristic only to Australian waters and farms.