Australian Defense Warned Against Kamikaze Drones

Australian troops are being warned about attacks from the next wave technology. Kamikaze drone, equipped with advanced capabilities charting their way route out of the Middle Eastern shared sky could be our next serious threat to life. According to Australian Military expert, these swarmed drones can wrought unforeseen damage.

The Middle Eastern wars are churning out the most sophisticated and covert weaponry in their battle for survival and to outbid the other. What the world is left with, is unheard attacks sometimes using the mundane and sometimes having path breaking inventions to ensue destruction. The latest kamikaze drone is one such, that has defense across the world alert and taking notice. A squadron of drones, was deployed and defused in Middle East recently.

The new arm combines the technology driving pilot free aircraft and missiles. They can skim the sky for longer periods, with an inbuilt, pre-fed target, pounce on it, dive bombing and detonate, at close to 200 km per hour. An unassuming target will succumb even before it is hit with the realization that it is being attacked.

Malcolm Davis, of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, cautioned the Australian Defense Force (ADF) needed to be prepared. If the ADF is deployed operationally, they should expect attacks by masses of swarming drones that can operate autonomously and self-coordinate. They have their course programmed in before launch, then they fly that course towards a target, and then they coordinate amongst themselves in a swarm to attack a target. Attacking it like a swarm of bees, except each bee has a high-explosive charge in it.” he said.