Australian brothers found guilty of IS plane bomb plot

Mahmoud Khayat, 34, aimed to bring down the Sydney to Abu Dhabi flight in couple of years back in July 2017. His brother, Khaled Khayat, 51, was found guilty of the same offence in May. Both had begged not guilty. They failed when the bag carrying the bomb could not be checked at the airport because it was overweight. They had aimed to blow up the flight carrying 400 passengers with military grade explosives hidden inside a meat grinder. After their failure, the brothers planned to carry out a chemical gas attack in Sydney. They got arrested 11 days after the airport incident. The third brother, Amer Khayat, had carried the bag to Sydney Airport but was surprisingly involved in the plot.

They have been sentenced to life prison. It took time for the truth to be exposed, and for his guiltlessness to be revealed.

During the trial of the two brothers in Australia, the prosecuting attorney said the accused men had received guidance from a fourth brother – Tareq Khayat – an IS militant who has since been jailed in Iraq.

Police said the explosives used to make the bomb had been sent by air from Turkey as part of a plot by an European terror group.