Australian AI collaborations with China ‘help us more than them’


China, the leader in artificial intelligence is coming up with latest technologies day by day. In the era of global competition and seek of prestige makes this race a bit pretensive.

China and Australia are already in collaboration for AI and Australia produces 31 per cent of the total publications. Scientific output is the essence of the artificial intelligence.

Australia has a question regarding the contribution of the intelligence in between the publication, being a higher contributor, they need to focus upon the latest technology.

Australian agencies are building the latest technologies and growing among the latest strategies to make their intelligence better. Artificial intelligence is growing day by day.

The Australian government are drawing efforts towards artificial intelligence and these are proliferating at the same rate for China. The ACRI report cites 2018 McNinch suggests that the adoption and absorption of AI will account for around half of Australia’s economic growth until 2030. It says that Australia’s ability to create and use AI knowledge will largely depend on its capacity to connect with the US and China, the global leaders in the field.