Australia wants communication and engagement strategy for digital identity program

digital identity program
digital identity program

Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency is still receiving submissions for a Digital Identity Communication and Engagement Strategy for its Digital Identity program.

The Digital Identity program is ready for its next level which entails bringing a wider variety of facilities to more people. The administration wants to invest in communication so all Australians will be familiar with the program, and highlight its benefits.

Ideally, the policy would include info about the use of biometrics, assistances and security measures taken to protect data privacy and security and align with community potentials. Industry, Commonwealth, State and Territory governments are joining the program as potential participants.

The Digital Individuality program is included by-design privacy and security, and it is based on people having choice of identity provider.

The person accountable for the Communications and Engagement Strategy already have or build an influencer network that includes media, administration and business investors in Australia, established experience in whole-of-government combined public relations and communications strategies, understanding with the Commonwealth’s Digital Identity program and with the DTA’s role in digital transformation and experience with agile working surroundings.

The administration of New South Wales lately announced 1 million, and including, digital driver’s license downloads. Facility NSW is working on a ‘copy solution’ to make it easy for businesses to confirm identity if a physical copy of a license is necessary, to inspire the wide use of the opt-in electronic vehicle license.