Australia sending aid to wildfire towns as death toll rises

wildfire towns
wildfire towns

Australia has been experiencing the impact of the apocalyptic wildfires and its impacts are heinous. According to the local agencies, it is been revealed that almost 17 people are dead and several hundred injured. Travellers are compelled to go back to their nations and people are living on the shoreline too.

Water, milk, clothes and all other necessary material is provided by several government forces such as navy ships and air crafts. There are several homes of local residents which are destroyed and it counts up to 175 according to some agencies and the number is still growing.

The Australian government is trying its level best to prevent the fire from spreading throughout nearby, but the heavy wind is throwing the fire and leaving the sky red blood. It’s very dangerous to provide aid over there but officials are working on the same.

Wildfire is spread on a large scale and people are suffering from the basic necessities too. Most of the human rights organizations and social welfare organizations are also playing a big role on their ground to make knowledge accordingly. It’s been a long time since the citizens are suffering and the government is trying its level best to avoid all uncertainties and trying to prevail the relief.