Australia: Please stop sending us Koala mittens

Koala mittens
Koala mittens

It’s an unwelcome intrusion of the koalas with mittens. Australian wildlife caretakers are requesting for the world to stop sending unnecessary items to Australia in bulk. Last month, the wild bush fires that burned the paws, fur singed and the flowing blood of the animals tore apart the hearts of the world, that made them respond with the crafts.

The folk world-wide including UK, Canada, Asia and also the U.S sent knitted cosy mittens for the animals that burned their paws in the bushfires including bat wraps, nests and baby-critter diapers.

The issue was koalas couldn’t use the mittens and ended up in the trash. Containers from across the world landed in Australia carrying the material as an aid. For which, a warehouse had to be rented out which were not deployable.

The Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild also works with Animal Rescue Cooperative stated that the world needs to stop sending any more items to Australia. As it turns out that the items sent over are not useful for the life and the circumstances there as the items are being thrown away since the mittens meltdown in process of sterilizing. Another issue with the Koala mittens is that koalas still need paws to climb the trees or to feed themselves.

Instead of sending materials, in the wake of Australia. People need to fund with money to the organizations saving wildlife.