Australia officially becomes world’s largest exporter of LNG

liquefied natural gas (LNG)
liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Australia has become the world’s largest exporter for liquefied natural gas (LNG) on a yearly basis. Being an international exporter, Australia recorded exports of approximately 77.514 million tons that were produced locally.

Australia has beaten the former leading LNG exporter Qatar which was expected to produce 75 Million ton in 2019. The Australian LNG exports for the year 2019 were two times more than those of the United States, the world’s one of the fast-growing LNG producer.

The US Energy Information Administration assumes that the US exported 34.3Million Ton in 2019. The Australian Liquefied Natural gas contribution came from the three LNG hubs, namely Karratha in Western Australia, Gladstone in central Queensland and Darwin in the Northern Territory.

EnergyQuest, the Australian independent energy consultancy confirmed the figures and the new world crown as the highest exporter for LNG by analysis of ship-tracking data. Dr Graeme Bethune who is the Chief Executive said that while Qatar’s final production figures for 2019 were to be formed, Australian operational capacity of 88Million ton substantially surpasses the 77 million ton of its Middle Eastern rival. Western Australia location continued to lead the country’s LNG output at 57% of the total, while Queensland’s contribution was 29% of total exports.