Australia – more than 600,000 could be displaced by new technologies over the next decade, study finds

Australian jobs
Australian jobs

A total of 630,000 Australian jobs could be eliminated by new technologies over the next 10 years, which connects to more than 7% of Australia’s current workforce, according to a report by Cisco and conducted by Oxford Economics.

The report has mentioned forecasts for the next decade and the impact which advancing technology will have on Australian workers and their future skill sets across the entire labour market in Australia.

Technology will displace and transform jobs – as well as create many new ones – pushing the Australian workforce into skilled roles which focus on human connection, compassion and ethical decisions, along with programming, technical design and installation and maintenance – roles which computers could never be replaced

The report found that transport and retail are amid the sectors most ripe for disturbance as expertise presents new and evolved chances for upskilling labours.

The need for workers to improve their skill in programming is apparent as every industry is currently up to 60% short of the required skill-level. In addition, cognitive and social skills will be highly sought after across the board, according to Cisco.