Australia May Downsize its Immigration Intake

Immigration Intake

Australian Cities are now being hoarded by an unchecked flow of immigrant population and the governance seems to be divided on what need be done on the same. The cities have their cups overflowing with an increasing population, which is becoming a burden on its infrastructure and causing congestion according to a recent report. The answer to some for this “swelling” concern may lie in reducing the intake of overseas immigration to the country.

Federal Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge, expressed concerns by claiming the Government had lowered overseas migration to ease the pressure. “Since this report was written, we’ve dropped the migration rate to ease the population pressure, particularly on Melbourne and Sydney, which have just been growing like gangbusters,” Mr. Tudge said.

The report further investigated the state of affairs when it came to the influx of this population and found that, even though this population, rightly put has been exponentially increasing over the years, they also are a huge part of the national income bracket. Australia has witnessed one of the highest rated increase in population in the developed world sphere, ranking fifth among 36 OECD countries. In 2018, 61 per cent of the annual population increase came from net overseas migration. The year before, it was 63 per cent; the year before that, 61 per cent. This includes thousands of foreign students, workers and backpackers who keep on adding to the list, but do not necessarily intend to stay in Australia long-term.

In February 2018, as treasurer, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said a proposal by former prime minister Tony Abbott to cut the annual intake by 80,000 would cost the budget $4 billion to $5 billion over four years. however, amidst rising concern, the migration policy will be investigated and the country may definitely see a drop in the incoming welcomes, limiting entry for those seeking a long term future in the country.