Australia may Battle the “Flu Season” using AI Created Vaccine

Flu Season

The “Flu Season” in Australia began early this summer. Viral infections go hunting for easy, unassuming victims, with over 116,000 recorded cases so far and claiming more than 220 lives. At the rate, the season is flowing, it will soon require intervention. And this time it is coming in an unconventional package.

Vaccination is the most natural measure to avoid further damage and spread. Millions will be immunized against virus entrapments. A study at Flinders University, Australia claims that a new vaccine is being devised to fight viruses, created with the help of AI. The vaccine is been invented by Sam, a computer with an empowered AI system. Flinders University Professor, Nikolai Petrovsky revealed that the computer running a program called Sam invented the new drug on its own, calling a first. The computer is capable of applications through machine learning, to create more effective vaccines.

“It [Sam] has theoretical ability to acquire knowledge and then make new ideas,” Professor Petrovsky said. The vaccine will go through a 12-month trial run in US laboratories. “Essentially, we have developed a technology that when added to existing flu vaccines makes them more effective,” he said.

Strains of virus, decided by the World Health Organization, are used to develop regular flu vaccine, every year.  This year’s Australian vaccine for people aged over 65 contains a component in it which boosts their immune system.

IT and AI systems can enhance the complexity and interaction of a drug, this can only have more effective results.