Australia introduces digital driver’s license copy solution to confirm identity

digital driver’s license
digital driver’s license

An estimate of 1 million and more digital driver’s license downloads was announced by the Government of New South Wales, which will be an acceptable form of identification in most situations.

Service New South Wales is working on a copy alternative to make it easier for corporations to confirm the identity if a physical print of a license is compulsory, to boost the extensive use of the opt-in automatic vehicle license.

The Digital Driving License is presently used mainly in police checks and to enter licensed locations. Since its introduction in November 2019, it has been downloaded by only 19 per cent of license holders, pointedly higher than the 12 per cent originally estimated.

According to Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service, the aim is to use the digital pass on a daily basis in circumstances such as renting a car or opening a bank account. He said that the final vision is for people to be confident going wallet free anywhere they want, knowing that digital driver’s license will be accepted in most circumstances where a driver’s license is essential for identity proof.

Australia Post Chief, Christine Holgate has faith in this is as it is an important phase that goes hand in hand with the government-issued digital identity system.