Australia Hit by Telstra Outage, Halting Major Transactions Across the Country

Telstra outage

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company operates majority of the industry and related services. Thursday, July 11, 2019, had businesses and individuals scattering cries as the country was hit by a Telstra outage. Many transactions, banking, shopping all came to a shocking standstill as electronic payment services across the banking system, including ATMs and EFTPOS, stopped responding to their regular cues.

Major retailers like Woolworths and Caltex were also affected by this. Outlets and businesses in the country had go back to good old days of manual payments, and acceptance of cash alone. This may have marred business as most people depend on cashless transactions nowadays. The issue was extensive, with some HICAPS medical claims and payments services being severely affected.

Banks also reported system halt due to a general network issue but a few of these halted systems came back to life early evening. Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ANZ were some others whose daily operations were also interrupted by the outage.

The sudden outage issue could have been due to a payment processing network run by Telstra that could be causing this chain reaction. Major transactions, were reported to be unaffected by this glitch in the system.

“We continue to investigate the issue affecting data services, including EFTPOS and access to ATMS, for a number of enterprise customers nationally. Many of our services are starting to restore,” a Telstra spokesperson said addressing the issue on same day.