Australia Bushfire crews battle mega blaze near snowy mountains


It had been dreaded for days that fire would roll over the New South Wales-Victoria border in the Snowy Mountains. Estimates are for more hot, strong winds and dry lightning. In South Australia, firefighters fought fires on Kangaroo Island.

Reports suggest, for safety measures, in some parts of both states, residents were told to leave their homes. Meanwhile, many people across the country engaged in the climate change protests. Across many parts of the country, deadly forest fires that have raged for weeks are threatening to advance again as temperatures soar.

Sources allege, the winds mean fires could spread quickly and unpredictably this weekend. Across many parts of Australia massive forest fires have stormed for weeks and are threatening to advance again as temperature is rising. With strong wind blowing, fire could spread quickly and unpredictably this weekend.

The mega blaze south of the Snowy Mountains came after two fires at Dunns Road and East Ournie Creek combined, and merged with another massive fire nearby earlier in the week. An area of nearly 600,000 hectares (1.5m acres) – about four times the size of Greater London – is now burning. Fires in New South Wales have devastated about 1,000 homes since the New Year with more than 150 bush fires.