Australia burns as government resists calls for climate action

Climate Change
Climate Change

Climate change is a big concern globally. The changing environment is a result of increasing pollution. Countries are facing several health-related problems and diseases due to climate change.

Australia is badly affected due to the climate crises and challenges are erupting throughout. In such kind of critical circumstances, the government needs to take some immediate course of action to prevail in peace and security.

Australia’s Prime Minister said that the crises are disruptive in nature and increasing day by day. He assured that the increasing temperature is a vulnerable reason that can’t be controlled. However, the officials will take charge to reduce it and to maintain the same by making some decision with respect to the betterment of the organization.

Plantation of trees will play a vital role to reduce the temperature, fire and safety work has also become part of the routine work in Australia. The government has made an appeal to the citizens to help by contributing through social and welfare organizations to make it feasible for spreading the knowledge and to maintain the pollution levels as well.