Arabian Centers Company Expand To Saudi Stock Exchange Market

As businesses grow they try to find better ways to expand and reach further growth. At larger scale companies, a level of growth can’t be exceeded except by going through the stock market. Through these means a company can scale itself to higher means, reaching values that they have never reached before. This is the case for many companies that achieves success on a long term; feeling safe enough to take such a risk.

This was seen lately with one of the big companies in Saudi Arabia known as Arabian Centers Company which has recently been introduced to the Saudi Stock Exchange through its main market. This was prior to the completion of their IPO successful after meeting all demands.

The Saudi Stock Exchange market is better known as Tadawul has received a huge company to invest in through stock shares. Arabian Centers Company is known to hold a total of 19 shopping malls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have been given a price reaching SR26 per share. The company has received a total capitalization reaching SR12.4 billion ($3.3 billion).

Further details was given on the move done by the company through the chairman, Fawaz Alhokair. He commented on their new position saying, “Today marks a new beginning for Arabian Centres, as we begin trading on the Tadawul exchange. This is not only a major milestone for our company, but for Saudi Arabia as a whole. As the largest IPO in Saudi Arabia in the past four years… this is a historic moment for our business and for the country’s capital markets.”