Angus Taylor backs technology to tackle emissions

The Australian Energy Minister, Angus Taylor declared that Australia remains committed to the Paris Agreement and also called on other countries to ­reduce their emissions in his major address to the UN Climate Change Conference that was held in Madrid.

When Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia defended the government’s climate change policies, Mr Taylor told the COP25 summit that the world needs action to reduce emissions and that Australia backed technology to lead the global transition to lower emissions. He also called on COP25 delegates to conclude arrangements for Paris Agreement carbon markets that give us confidence that traded carbon units represent genuine emissions reductions.

Australia has merged with the Leadership Group for Industry Transition, a public-private partnership led by India and Sweden, aiming at reducing emissions in economically important industrial sectors, that include steel, aluminium, cement, aviation and shipping.

Mr Taylor said, “This increase has not been without issues and one of Australia’s challenges is to ensure energy remains affordable and reliable as these changes occur. We cannot move faster than the technology allows. Our long-term strategy to reduce emissions is focused on deploying cost-effective technologies and we will be releasing a more detailed tech­nology strategy next year.”