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Of curve 4 Simon Bolivar International Airport Caracas, which is run by 50 percent Cubans, was used to land a commission sent by the Biden government on March 5.

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Within 30 minutes, a heavy security plan had taken the U.S. authorities away Miraflores PalaceThere he himself was waiting for them Nicolas Maduro with his wife, Celia FloresAnd Speaker of Parliament, George Rodriguez.

Nicolas Maduro and his wife Celia Flores received Biden’s ambassadors.

White House spokesman, Jen Saki, He pointed out that the meeting focused on US energy security in the face of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

In fact, one of the sanctions imposed on Vladimir Putin to stop the bloody attack in Europe. Ban on buying oil from Russia, The move opened a hole in US domestic reserves.

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But two sources in Caracas told EL TIEMPO, In addition to examining the supply of crude oil from Venezuela to the United StatesIn the Middle Ages, Maduro was able to deal with two major issues facing him.

L Factor Chop

Alex Chop

Alex Chop hopes the Atlanta Court of Appeals will recognize his diplomatic status.

One is the lifting of sanctions on his country related to oil production. Another is the release of Alex Chapman from Barranquilla, who was imprisoned in Miami for money laundering, in connection with corruption deals with the regime.

In fact, one of the prisoners released by Maduro, Three days after the secret meeting in Miraflores, he is part of ‘The Citgo 6’ group.

These are affiliated administrators CIDCO Petroleum Corporation, a Houston subsidiary of state-owned Petroleum de Venezuela (PDVSA)Prosecuted in Caracas on corruption charges.

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They were sent to jail On the same day, it was reported that Saab had been deported from Cape Verde To the United States on October 16, 2021.

Gustavo Cardenas, former director of SIDCO

Gardinas Maduro, former vice president of SIDCO, has been released by the government.

Published by Jose Alberto Fernandez, Maduro

George Fernandes, a Cuban-American citizen, is already in the United States

“The release of the former vice president of Sitko Gustavo Cardenas (Nationalized in the United States) and Cuban American Jorge Fernandez This is Maduro’s gesture and they will not be considered in any way, “said a source in Venezuela.

And at the meeting he added There was also talk of re-activating the dialogue schedule with Biden’s ambassadors and the oppositionImmigrants to Mexico were paralyzed by the same factor: Saab.

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He also said The issue of moving the date of the next presidential election in Venezuela has not been touched upon.Scheduled for May 2024, Chavismo will end 27 years in power (if successful).


Johojan Optola

Johann Optola, intelligence and security expert.

“The meeting in Miraflores was a mistake. Maduro is the puppet of that government. He also offered to send troops to confront Ukraine. Sitting down and talking to someone who has been questioned by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity is a slap in the face. He is admitted for money laundering and drug terrorism. It is impossible to isolate Venezuela from Putin’s influence, ”said Johann Optola, a security and security analyst and expert.

He said the invasion of Ukraine had dramatically changed global geopolitics. Biden panicked over rising gas prices.

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Optola recalled it Three days after the meeting in Miraflores, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez arrived in Turkey to meet with the Russian Foreign Minister.

In this regard, a group of Republican and Democratic senators opposed the reconciliation between Washington and Caracas.

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Many, including Republican Jim Rish, said Instead of Russia’s crude oil “dictators should not supply goods with blood on their hands”.

Court effect

The judiciary said there was firm case against him against Alex Chop and that there was evidence in the file to prosecute partners, relatives and associates and deport him.

Some others mention that The United States has not returned to energy alternativesAs in Canada and Colombia, the goodwill with Caracas surprised itself.

However, in some circles they are already evaluating the consequences of entering the SAAP talks. Federal government sources said it was clear the executive was on one side and the judiciary on the other. The president’s apology to any defendant would even stop a trial.

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Due to this probability Maduro’s figure has remained in complete silence. Hearing on April 16 in the Court of Appeals of the 11th Circuit of AtlantaIf he wields diplomatic jurisdiction it will be defined, which will nullify his capture.

What is clear in this The judiciary has said there is a firm case against him The file also contains evidence that Barranquillo’s partners, relatives and associates could be prosecuted and deported. One of the cases will be settled in 60 days.

Other forces


Telsi Rodriguez, Vice President of Venezuela; And his brother George Rodriguez, Speaker of Parliament.


EFE / Orlando Barria

Also included is making the dish reusable Only one of the three divisions of ruling power in Venezuela is interested. Vice President, Maduro and Rodríguez-Delcy Committee; And his brother, George Rodriguez, Speaker of Parliament – Saab was not interested in returning to the path of informant to the DEA.

The other two ruling powers in Venezuela are represented Division of Diostato Cabello and Division of the Army (Led by Defense Minister Vladimir Badrino), he will point to negotiating other processes.

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One of them is advancing against the so-called ‘Cartel of the Sons’ in the New York courts He associates them with weapons, cocaine, FARC and Hezbollah.

Roger Carstens

Roger Carstens, US Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs.

They are a little worried about Chab’s fate And they believe his family is enough to control him, ”said an intelligence official.

However, in the midst of the controversy unleashed by the meetings of the Biden ambassadors –John GonzalezDirector of the National Security Council for the United States; Jimmy storyUS Ambassador to Bogot based in Venezuela and Roger Carstens– It is not ruled out that there may be a new landing on the Ramp 4.

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TIME had already reported it Carstens, who specializes in the release of hostages, was in Venezuela in December 2021When the invasion of Ukraine was still a long way off.

Venezuela: The Biden and Duke issue

Biden and Duke

Presidents Ivan Duque and Joe Biden at the White House

The meeting between President Evan Duck and his President Joe Biden lasted about an hour this Thursday. The appointment of Colombia as a key non-NATO ally stood out.

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This will allow the country to access military support in financial matters. But the meeting with the ambassadors of Venezuela and the United States was also discussed.

Duke promised that Nicolas Maduro was “Latin American Putin” and that 7 million Venezuelans had emigrated.

In addition, they discussed investment, trade, humanitarian support and condemnation of Russia’s bloody occupation of Ukraine.

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