Adelaide to gain more electricity from renewable wind and solar energy

Latest reports confirm the capital city of South Australia- Adelaide has entered talks with Flow Power owning to a power purchase agreement. According to sources, the new endeavor will provide 100% of the city electricity from a mix of locally generated wind and solar facilities. Reports reveal the said PPA will come into effect on July 1.

In the wake of the situation, Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor announced that PPA is part of the city’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, and to curb operational emissions by nearly 50%.

“The City of Adelaide is taking climate change seriously and this partnership demonstrates that we are taking real and meaningful action,” she said.

Verschoor further also added that the city will pay 20% less for electricity in comparison to the present. “This means that all our corporate and community buildings, council event infrastructure, electric vehicle chargers, barbecues in the Park Lands, water pumps, street lighting and traffic lights – everything that council operates – will be powered by renewable electricity,” Vershoor added.

The deal will further secure the city’s ambitions to become a carbon-neutral city. Flow Power commented the Adelaide City Council will also in addition receive a supply from the Clements Gap wind farm, operating in South Australia, and two new solar projects, the Coonalpyn and the Streaky Bay.

As a result, the generated electricity will be used to power the Council’s event infrastructure, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, water pumps, street lighting and other services across the South Australian city.

The City of Adelaide set up 1.1 MW of onsite solar arrays at four locations in the previous year. It installed 5,000 LED street lights, which carried out energy efficiency refurbishments and further also invested in EVs.