Adelaide develops new tech research lab to digitize hospitals

The new Digital Health Design Lab at Flinders University is dedicated to research and development in order to enhance the integration of digital infrastructure, medical devices and cyber security into hospital workflows.

According to reports the research lab based in Adelaide will help hospitals to adopt and improve the new and existing digital health technology. The institute is based in Flinders University’s Tonsley Campus in South Australia’s Adelaide.

Furthermore, the lab will be used to prototype and test new healthcare technology in order to access ways to be implemented.

The lab was launched yesterday and is established by Flinders in collaboration with Cisco. Reports suggest, Cisco has funded the site and is also part of the Digital Health Research Centre.

The latest centre is a multidisciplinary research entity developed to explore digital-based solutions in healthcare for social and workplace settings and was formed after Flinders was named a member of the Australian Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre to support the creation of new software and mental health diagnostic tools alongside tech companies and Australian universities in 2018.

In the wake of the latest development, Professor Trish Williams, Cisco Chair & Professor of Digital Health Systems at Flinders University commented,

“We can give them insights into how they can generate capabilities and understand how that helps them with their processes and ultimately the experience for patients and clinicians.

“Most organisations lack insight on how information technology impacts their people and processes, therefore, the integration of that into their normal workflow is really important,” Professor Williams said.