According to science, find out the three worst ways to die

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While it is true that some things are more definite in life than the day we die, this date creates more controversy among those who think often about this moment and fear both the way it happens and the pain it causes.

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This fear of that inevitable moment comes from the very beginning of human existence, but no matter how prepared people are for this event, they will never be fully prepared for it. And one of the most frequently asked questions among the people is about the worst ways to die in general.

In this context, science has a responsibility to explore and answer this question, thanks to studies led by leading scientists who have explored what are the worst ways to die. It was also considered from the physical pain and duration and physical pain it causes to the person experiencing it.

3 Worst Ways to Die

Throughout history, to find the answer to this question, the most common deaths have been analyzed for exceptional cases. Dr. Paul Doherty, a senior scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and Cody Cassidy, a freelance writer, have explored the worst ways to die over the past several years and mentioned the top three places:

1) Hunger: Although some people believe it, this death can be very slow, because according to some experts in this case, when a person is starving, the body begins to attack itself in order to survive.

That is, the liver begins to seek fat and fat tissue for survival; Once this stage is passed, the body is constantly looking for protein, but now in the muscles. If the person is still alive at this time, his immune system will fail.

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This causes their pulse, blood pressure and body temperature to begin to drop rapidly, leading to the final stage, when the heart is consumed and the person dies instantly from cardiac arrest.

2) In the falling elevator: Probably very few people have thought about this death because it seems so rare; According to a renowned elevator manufacturer, if you find yourself in this situation, trying to survive if you fall from a collapsing elevator is like lying on your back.

In addition, the face should be covered with hands, all of which will reduce the impact of the ribs fall and help the hands protect the face. But he makes it clear that living this kind of experience must be due to the horror and speed with which it occurs.

According to the data provided by science on this type of death, after the impact of a severe fall, the organs will try to leave the body, in addition the limbs will break laterally. A mortal death.

3) Burned alive: Although scientists make it clear that death by fire can be considered a quick death, they make it clear that it is a very painful death because if the body comes in contact with fire, it takes only 10 seconds to absorb all the hairs of the body. Human skin.

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