Accenture Opens Innovation Hub in Perth, Australia, to Help Mining and Energy Companies Boost Return on Investments in Digital Technologies

Mining and Energy
Mining and Energy

There are more than 100 Accenture innovation hubs around the world, already helping towards local businesses to get more from their investments in new technology, be that in sustainability revenues, greater efficiency, or new capabilities.

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra will primarily focus on serving the interests of Accenture’s local clients in the mining and energy industries. The hub is according to Accenture, designed to help these companies address the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. These include improving sustainability, cybersecurity, health, safety and productivity of workers, and the act of machines.

The new hub delivers innovation to the doorsteps of clients in Australia and leverages Accenture’s global abilities to develop an invention that puts Australia on a world stage.

With this new innovation hub, it will help to raise the overall innovation profile of Australia.