A mistake made in Costa Surreal causes a general blackout in Puerto Rico

Tonight, Wednesday, a Darkening They usually reported separately Electricity Authority (AEE) Y LUMA energy.

The incident caused a fire at two substations of the plant and the entire power system failed to function as a safety measure.

At 9:36 pm, the federation responsible for the transmission and distribution system of the country’s electricity system confirmed a “massive blackout across the island”, although it acknowledged that “the exact cause is not clear”.

Governor Peter Pierre Lucy He assured that both PREPA and LUMA staff are working to restore the service.

“I urge all our people to remain calm.”The president wrote on his official Twitter account.

Here’s what you know about general blackout:

What happened?

According to written reports sent to the press, LUMA was responsible for the “potential” blockage caused by the failure of the Costa Surrey circuit breaker.

For its part, PREPA reported that – through its social networks – the “breaker” or output switch of Costa Surin Unit # 5 had erred in shutting down the 230 thousand volt plant.

“Electrical System Security System took over the remaining units leaving the service”According to the public company.

PREPA staff are adamant that LUMA is responsible for what happened.

How many people were affected?

Darkness affected various municipalities around Puerto Rico.

At this time, LUMA has not provided an estimate of how many people may have been affected by the blackout.

According to preliminary estimates on PREPA’s website at 10:30 pm, About 347,226 customers are without electricity. In the Bones area 85,475 subscribers will be most affected by the lack of electricity, followed by Mayagüez (72,439) and Carolina (58,756).

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Users of San Juan, Guaynabo, Bayamon, Fajardo, Mayagüez, Ponce, Humacao, Toa Baja, Dorado, Moca and Aguadilla reported no electricity.

New day Louis Munoz Marin International Airport in Carolina filmed the moment left in the dark after dark.

How long does it take to recover the system?

The PREPA estimates that the recovery process will take about 12 hours.

“Once LUMA Energy recovers the 230kv and 115kv transmission networks, we will begin the unit start-up process to restore the system a little bit,” the public company said on social media.

The privatizing company, for its part, did not provide an accurate time estimate of the service recovery for subscribers.

“Considering the extent and purpose of the darkening, the power restoration may be extended until tomorrow.” LUMA said.

Pierluisi, on the other hand, estimates that, initially, “it takes 12 to 24 hours to prioritize hospital services and essential services and restore service.”

Controlled fire

The fire department’s bureau said units from the southern part of the archipelago were able to put out the blaze, which affected two substations in central Costa Sur in Guanila.

“They work in refrigeration”In a statement posted on Twitter by official firefighters, Ponce area commander Juan Cordero promised.

According to the director of the Office of Emergency Management in Guanilla, King e. Patillo Plaza“The fire was caused by an explosion at the substation opposite the power plant.”

The noise caused by the explosion was so loud that residents of Penulas and Guanilla thought it was an earthquake due to the intensity of the noise generated by a faulty circuit breaker.

At the moment, firefighters continue to work on the scene protected by the state police and municipal emergency administration.

Jaramillo and Frasero explain what happened

The first person to report what happened tonight was the president of the Electricity and Irrigation Industry Workers Union (Utier). Angel Figueroa JaramilloHe posted a video on his social networks in which a fire broke out in a switchboard in Costa Sur.

“The failure to release Costa Surin Unit 5 under Luma’s responsibility caused the entire Luma security system to operate indiscriminately and paralyze all production units in the country,” the union leader wrote.

On the other hand, George FraserAn employee of PREPA and who is very active on his social networks, described the incident as “big” and urged citizens to run their own power generators.

“The whole country is in darkness … If there is a plant, run it. The light is not coming on for now, ”he said live on Facebook.

Similarly, Fraserro explained that switch # 0082 “caused problems”.

“Even though it’s in the vicinity of Costa Surin, it’s Luma’s exclusive responsibility.Said.

He said a 12-hour power outage would be a “reasonable estimate” when the system recovers.

“The country’s big average is going to be without light all night”Fraser, who recalled that there had been at least two failures on switch plants of different plants this week, predicted.

The Costa Sir Power Station has a generating capacity of 990 MW, which is why it is considered one of the major power plants in the power system. Its units # 5 and # 6 run on natural gas, although they can also burn oil derivatives.

Without water

The Water and Sewerage Authority (AAA) reports that many parts of Puerto Rico were left without water service tonight due to a power outage.

Immediately, it was not specified how many departments or subscribers saw their water service interrupted.

Darkening in February

As of February 21, about 700,000 customers were without electricity due to a “disruption” in the transmission and distribution system managed by LUMA Energy.

Initially, a fault was detected in the 115-kilowatt section of the L38100 line between the Viaduct transmission center substation and the San Juan production plant.

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