50 pct spent by Australian healthcare in decade

Now-a-days Australians are spending more money on healthcare services. Total health costs grew by 2.99 percent to 30.6 billion during the financial year 2017-18. It represents 54.8 percent more than spent 10 years earlier.

Australian government financed 77.1 billion AUD in healthcare in 2017-18, which had an increase rate of of 2.3 percent annually.

Medicare a publicly run healthcare institution, which covers some of the costs of seeing a general practitioner (GP) or a specialist. Patients in a public hospital also get their stay covered by Medicare.

It does not include personal patient hospital costs, medical charges incurred overseas, ambulance services, dental services and medical and hospital services which are not medically necessary. The government also supports medicines deemed necessary through the Medical Benefits Scheme.

Stephen Duckett, a health economist with leading think-tank the Grattan Institute, said that when household budgets are under pressure because of flat wage growth, it is difficult to spend on healthcare expenses.