Heat waves could kill thousands in the U.S if appropriate action is not taken

In the event that an Earth-wide temperature boost now and again appears like a removed or dynamic risk, new research throws the wonder in obvious, desperate terms. It predicts that without noteworthy advancement in endeavors to control emanations of temperature-raising ozone-depleting substances, outrageous warmth waves could guarantee a large number of lives in major U.S.

New Toyota Electric Vehicle

With the energy problem surfing our earth and the need for a new source of energy especially for cars, Electric vehicles has been introduced in the market. These are vehicles that work through the use of electricity and is charged using renewable energy methods. Electric vehicles are only lately being introduced to the automotive market

New Direction For UAE Towards Tech Startups And AI

If you are part of the tech field or planning to start your own startup in United Arab Emirates then there couldn’t be a better time. Recent news has shown that different the country has changed its vision and focus on new fields. With prior interest in oil and energy fields, the new direction the

New Industrial Look In Malaysia

As countries grow and their industries do too, more growth is always required. This can be achieved through development and investments in the Industrial area of the country. This was the recent case for Malaysia as recently there has been news on a new deal to start the biggest and best industrial park in the

Arabian Centers Company Expand To Saudi Stock Exchange Market

As businesses grow they try to find better ways to expand and reach further growth. At larger scale companies, a level of growth can’t be exceeded except by going through the stock market. Through these means a company can scale itself to higher means, reaching values that they have never reached before. This is the

New Engine Released From Mazda

As one of the leading countries in the world in the automotive sector, many different companies exist which works on cars and different vehicles. These companies might be considered as the leading companies in the world in terms of the automotive sector. These would include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and others. However, these companies are always