Vicks and Mission Australia Join Hands to Help the Homeless

Among the early announcements of July, was one by the Victorian Legislative Council and Social Issues Committee declaring that it would commence an inquiry into the state of homelessness in Victoria, with a report to be handed down within a year. Homelessness has become a growing issue countrywide and this has mobilized various initiatives to create awareness and support those in need.

A new campaign by Procter & Gamble’s medicine brand Vicks along with homelessness charity organization, Mission Australia, was launched into action to bring the burning topic to light. The campaign will involve a donation for every Vicks product bought at Coles over the next two months. The proceeds of the same will be channeled in helping the pressing cause.

The campaign also released a short film titled, “Touch of Care”, a poignant depiction of the effects of domestic violence on people. The film shows how it directly impacts people’s decision to leave homes. The film shows a young woman, a victim of domestic violence at home and the consequences of the same on her life, leading to periods of homelessness, all through her high schooling years. It is based on true events.

The campaign is addressing the issue of rising domestic violence at homes in Australia, and how that often becomes the reason for disorientation and homelessness in young people. Mission Australia reported that 121,000 people who sought their services in the past year have experienced domestic violence.

“We know that there’s thousands of Australian families, individuals, young people and children who have been pushed into homelessness because their home isn’t a safe or secure place to live,” said Mission Australia’s general manager for fundraising and marketing Elvira Lodewick said.

Vicks will make cash donations along with the proceeds from the campaign to help Mission Australia.