Untapped Energy- Ammonia Sees the Light of the Day

Imagine a tiny device that can carries within it the power of the sun and air, encapsulated in a liquid form, as the core apparatus of energy that powers all your modern contrivances.

Australia has a renewable energy potential of 25,000 gigawatts. The country is splashed with solar panels, windmills and studies that are constantly in the hot pursuit to find alternatives. Its untapped energy bank can cover twice the planet’s presently installed production potential.

According to Douglas MacFarlane, Melbourne, there is a yet undiscovered energy source that could prove to be transformative in the search for renewable energy- Ammonia. Ammonia which is already used mainly in fertilizers by companies producing it can be used more effectively by the tool conceptualized and invented by MacFarlane. He has been working passionately on this contraption, already dedicated 4 years on it. The tool will be able to convert renewable energy into a fuel. In simple words- now sun and wind can be trapped in this tool and what you get is a usable energy that may be able to power technology, vehicles and more. This innovation is as green and sustainable as they come in its liquid form.

Fully comprehending the potential of ammonia, Australian researchers are on a lookout for “ammonia economy”. This promises to be clean green and sustainable. Ammonia induced plans and projects have overtaken others.  An ammonia export terminal in the port city of Gladstone planned by the officials and grants for renewable ammonia projects have already taken off.