The Australian Human Rights Commission has proposed a moratorium on certain uses of AI technology.

AI technology.
AI technology.

Artificial intelligence, with all its advantages and disadvantages is emerging massively on the global scale. People who have adopted the latest technologies are also aware of its use. Australian government suggested to impose some laws and a moratorium for the extensive use of AI.

The human rights group’s proposals include establishing a new AI Safety Commissioner, which would be an independent statutory body, and a moratorium on any “potentially harmful” use of facial recognition technology in Australia.

“Emerging technologies can bring great societal benefits, but people are starting to realize their personal information and data can also be used against them,” said Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow.

The new paper also highlights the need to ensure the accessibility of any new technologies and calls for government to comply with accessibility standards for goods and services.

These all activities are taking place just because the government want to keep the proper hand holding over the people of Australia with reference to use the technology.