Single Dose HPV Vaccine More Effective than the Regular Doses Says Study

Researchers in Australia have found that a single dose of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is far more effective when compared to two or three doses for preventing cervical pre cancer.

A study recently published in Papillomavirus Research, says that in women vaccinated, young, when a majority were unaware of HPV, a single dose of HPV vaccine considerably reduced chances of forming a pre- cancerous lesion, that is detected at the screening for the disease.

This research will really help and contribute to the increasing scope of preventions in the study of cancer worldwide. Julia Brotherton, Lead Author, VCS Foundation and University of Melbourne, says this is crucial data that takes the study further and adds to the evidence supporting the potency of the single dosage.

“If one dose vaccination proves to be enough, it will really simplify our ability to protect more people against these cancer-causing viruses. That could make a huge difference, especially in less well-resourced countries that currently have high rates of cervical cancer but can’t currently afford vaccination or screening,” she said.

A lot of countries have started realizing the importance and impact on screening outcomes on girls. This means if the vaccines are administered at a young age before they become sexually active the effects are even more favorable. Australia is following the same notion and now introducing the vaccine early on.

Results from trials for the official declaration of the single dosage administration to be formalized are been awaited. Until then the regular two dosage is being advised to be taken uninterrupted.