MLC Wealth names new tech chief

MLC Wealth
MLC Wealth

Darren McKenzie is appointed as the new chief technology by MLC Wealth. It happened after the demerger of the company with the National Australia Bank.

Darren McKenzie has previously worked as the chief operating officer for its the UK and international branch. Darren spent three years as CIO for British bank Alliance & Leicester. Chief Executive of MLC Wealth states that he has appointed a new tech chief for enhancing the business goals and to make a good leadership to drive the team with motivation.

Darren is well known in the organization for his development strategies. His 20 years’ experience makes him defining and transforming for technology and information of financial services and organization.

Darren is a strong leader with the ability to deliver long term customer-focused solutions. It brings customer delight and customer delight is the core equipment for a company to grow rapidly.

MLC Wealth include Andrew Morgan as chief commercial services officer and CFO; Anthony Lane as COO; Mark Baxter as chief risk officer; Kylie Smith as chief communications, digital & marketing officer; Shenaz Waples (previously Khan) as chief human resources officer; Garry Mulcahy in asset management; Tim Steele in retirement & investment solutions and Darren Stevens in platforms.