Heatwave, bushfires threaten Victoria’s power grid


The Australia energy producer and organizer made an urgent call about the emergency power reserves in Victoria to overcome a deficit in supply. The power station outages and bushfires have made the scenario worst and have increased the risk of blackouts.

The deficit was accredited to a getting unplanned power plant outages and bushfires reducing a crucial broadcast power line linking the grid in Victoria and New South Wales.

The very high temperature and the scorching heat of more than 40 degrees around the state in Australia has made the Australian Energy Market Operator to issue a level-two lack of reserve notice applying from 3.30pm to 6.30pm last week when hundreds of thousands of households were expected to power up their air conditioners at once so that the reserves were utilized.

Establishments and factories were asked to immediately purchase extra capacity, about large industrial energy consumers to ask them to reduce the power from generators proficient of bringing more supply online.

AEMO, in its audit of the energy market last month quoted the biggest risk of blackouts this summer would be because of the impact of severe weather conditions such as fires and storms on power generation and transmission networks.