Egg Donation: Woe to Australian Women

Egg Donation

Egg donation in Australia is a tumultuous and painstaking affair, which is leading to women seeking treatment outside the country.

The Australian legislative laws are strict and straightjacketing people seeking eggs or wanting to be donors. The practice runs privately, in a hush hush manner and usually costs people more than they can afford, making going overseas for the same an easier option.

Presently Victoria is the only state that has a channeled reproductive system that is regulated. But does not accommodate eggs for donating nor the facility for donors. The existing system comes with many rules and policies that leave donors and families abandoned. Egg donations are not government facilitated but private. Women wishing to go through the process have to either advertise for donors or take aid from private practices. The advertising needs the Health Minister’s nod too.

Another thorn in the path is the case of anonymity. The donors have to reveal their identity. They cannot donate anonymously.

The industry and practitioners are voicing concerns over this state and are urging the government for the establishment of a sperm and egg bank. A lot of eggs in Australia are imported from South Africa or the US. Having its own bank will give people the access, save on costs and some adjunct counselling will suspend isolation that they feel as donors or receivers.

An independent review into Victoria’s fertility industry was recently released. The report recommended the establishment of a public egg and sperm bank for Victoria, a proposal the State Government said it

would consider.

Centre Alliance senator Stirling Griff presented a legislative proposal that clearly states that the IVF industry needs to be closely examined through data collection and reporting of patient outcomes. “It has to stop being a secret society over here, it has to be for the benefit of the public,” Senator Griff said. The legislation is expected to come before Parliament again later this month.