Deloitte and Iotium team up in the Australian Market

Deloitte and Iotium

Deloitte Australia has teamed up with California based IoT startup ioTium to explore more opportunities in industrial IoT. Both the companies say that they will jointly deliver the foundational infrastructure to support technology implementation and services that enable end-to-end secure digitization of industrial IoT platforms for Australian Organizations of different industry types like healthcare, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and commercial smart buildings and cities.

Deloitte says that it will add its business insights, expertise and scope of services to ioTium’s infrastructure in its target markets. In March, IoTium opened an APAC office in Australia, appointing Lee Burrows as APAC director. This was followed by the announcement of the relationship between the two companies. IoTium describes itself as “the first commercially deployed software-defined converged infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things.” It also claims that it uses software-defined network technology to securely connect any legacy device securely to public or private cloud over any communications infrastructure, with zero or minimal involvement from IT personnel. It does not sell hardware or software but provides this functionality as a service.

IoTium CEO Ron Victor said, “the two organizations would be able to provide services ranging from strategic design to technology implementation to providing end-to-end service … [leveraging] the best from both parties to help industrial enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals.” When the company opened its Australian office Victor told IoT Australia the company was focusing its sales and marketing investments on four verticals; building automation, manufacturing, oil and gas and power and utilities.