Bluekeep, Ransomware with far-reaching Effects to Launch an Attack on Your System

Australia’s Cyber Security Centre
Australia’s Cyber Security Centre

Australia’s Cyber Security Centre and Microsoft have issued an urgent warning to users to update their operating systems. A report says, about a million Windows users could soon get attacked by spreadable ransomware. This is being compared to the 2017 WannaCry cyberattack.

Though a prevention from Bluekeep was issued earlier this year by Microsoft, but reportedly a million computers may still be at risk from the attack. Especially operating systems that date back before Windows 8. The vulnerability involves a common Windows protocol, which can allow hackers to remotely takeover a computer without any input from the machine’s owner. Bluekeep has the potential to seamlessly enter and infect thousands of systems, Microsoft has given in a 9.8 out of 10 rating on severity of threat.

WannaCry, a similar bug hit Windows across the world infecting more than 300,000 with the ransomware worm. Even sophisticated and highly protected government records like the UK National Health Service and European telecommunications and automotive services were affected. The global cyber carnage resulting from WannaCry is prompting a quick response and pleas for deterrence from the Australia’s Cyber Security Centre and Microsoft.

WannaCry was a massive outbreak on the global economy, with consequences and effects still flourishing in different doses.

Bluekeep as cautioned can worm its way into the system, rendering the user defenseless. Updating the computers and continue to install latest security patch. It advisable to susceptible Windows users to deny access to Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP) directly from the internet and use a VPN with multifactor authentication, if internet-based access to RDP is required. A warning from multiple forums and medias has already being continually delivered. The threat if realized could be as dangerous and cost millions.