Australian energy companies put customers first

energy companies
energy companies

This will be the first time Australians will gain unique insights into improvements by generators, transmission companies, distributors and retailers to provide better services. They have come up with a plan to put customers before profits.

18 Australian energy company’s CEO have come together to make the improving changes in Australia. Importantly, every company has reviewed how they can support cultural change within their own business and as an industry.

This time companies are coming together to see how they can support customers better.

Together with Energy Consumers Australia and other end-user representatives, it has been recognized that there’s a long way to go in this space, and that things won’t change overnight, but this is an important shift towards a greater understanding of customer needs. The customer can already see the changes put forward by the companies.

The Energy Charter was established in recognition that the industry was undergoing a period of tremendous change and needed to transform its approach to customers.

While there are many opinions about the Australian energy industry, the fact that so many boards, CEOs, managing directors and senior executives are engaged in the Energy Charter is a reflection on how seriously we are taking this. We are committed to being more open, accountable and doing more to listen to our customers.

The Independent Accountability Panel will now review the revelations. The report of the Independent Accountability Panel’s will be issued at the end of November.