Alice Springs witnesses the appearance of mysterious Icicles- An Un”natural” Phenomenon

Alice Springs

A natural phenomenon, icicles, couldn’t have been more unnatural in the unforgiving heat and scorching scape of Alice Springs, Australia. Surrounded by the Red Center, Alice Springs is known to have extreme dry weather. This phenomenon is an enigma to the locals and the country.

The beginning of winter around these parts, usually means desert sands but a drop in the temperature like this has never been witnessed before. Icicles are seen hanging everywhere like a formation of a natural tapestry, sculpted from ice. Alice Springs dropped to – early on Monday and -1C on Sunday with an apparent temperature of -5.6C.

What is confounding to experts is the mystery surrounding the natural formation. Winters are cold in Alice Springs, an expected change, owing to the desert that cradles it. But this region, that occupies a huge part of the Northern Territory, has not received rain, hence making the icicle development, shocking.

The icicles may be the result of a near stationary high-pressure system in the Great Australian Bight, which is steering cool dry winds high leading to clear skies according to The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). During colder times, when the sun isn’t glaring you down, Australia is known to have overnight temperatures that run really low to the point of freezing.

Officials at BOM, on closer examination have concluded that the Icicle formation could be manmade, caused due to people leaving their sprinklers on. According to them, the temperature is too dry to allow icicle formation. It also explains the appearance of water in absence of rains.